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Posted by Steve mid-afternoon on Friday the 29th of September, 2006

Last December, Rich Rutter announced The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web (Web Typography, for short), a site that, for me, couldn’t have been more timely: I was just finishing reading the last chapters of Robert Bringhurst’s master-work, The Elements of Typographic Style, the site’s inspiration.

Just as the book itself was beautifully set (as one would expect), well written, entertaining, and generally a joy to behold, the same can be said of Web Typography. From the subtle use of Flash for the logotype to the carefully set table of contents, everything about the site reeks of typographic quality, its own distinct style echoing that of the original Elements.

The purpose of Web Typography, of course, was not to supplant Elements as the definitive resource for typography – the Typographers’ Bible, in the words of Herman Zapf – but rather to supplement it: to act as an unofficial companion for those working with type on the web.

It is with much excitement, then, that I’m announcing what will, hopefully, mark the start of a trend: my first contributions to Web Typography, §2.3.1: Set opening paragraphs flush left and §2.3.2: In continuous text, mark all paragraphs after the first with an indent of at least one en, have been published.

I’d like to thank Rich for the opportunity to be involved: he’s been incredibly supportive of my contributions. Like Rich, I’m not a professional typographer (or, in fact, anything more than ‘a guy who has an interest in typography’) but I’d like to hope that, with my contributions, I can help someone out there fall in love with typography and, more specifically, its applications online. If just one person learns to love typography a little more thanks to something I contribute, I’ll be happy.

So, I hope you enjoy what I hope will be the first of many contributions I make to Web Typography!

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  1. I’d like to hope that, with my contributions, I can help someone out there fall in love with typography and, more specifically, its applications online

    Well, I don’t know about falling in love with it yet, but I’m certainly starting to develop an interest in typography (in general and on the web) and I think you’re pretty soundly to blame for it.

    Does that count?

    7 minutes after the fact
  2. Thanks for your excellent help with the project Steve. Hopefully we can get it moving along quicker now, if I can get my editing arse in gear that is.

     Richard Rutter
    9 minutes after the fact
  3. Fantastic. This could turn out to be a very useful link to have.  Thanks!

    17 minutes after the fact
  4. Just to be a pain… you really should sort out the alignments of the bullets on your list items :P

     Frances Berriman
    4 days, 20 hours after the fact
  5. Waddya mean, Frances?

    You mean the fact that my bullets/numbers are hung from the left edge of the content rather than being indented?

    4 days, 20 hours after the fact
  6. Great stuff. It was only a matter of time before you started to share your passion for typography with the world.

    So when is your book coming out then? :P

     Jonathan Relf
    5 days, 20 hours after the fact
  7. Wanted to say thanks for the work you did.

    Also, if you’re interested here’s a page where I’ve taken some of the examples from your contribution to heart.

    2 weeks, 4 days after the fact
  8. I offered to help Richard with the site just after he launched it, as I have read and own the book it is based on, but I didn’t hear anything back about my offer. How strange.

    2 months after the fact
  9. I guess I only really got to be involved because I know Rich, and so kept hassling him about it before finally getting started on §2.3.

    2 months after the fact
  10. Nothing personal Matt – sometimes I’m just a bit crap at replying to emails, even when they are offers of help. Which is just plain rude, I know, so no excuses. As Steve said, we do know each other and his hassling did the job.

     Richard Rutter
    4 months, 1 week after the fact