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Ed.] in a large, metal tube at about 35,000ft., and BenSXSW.


The first year (2006), travelling with Fatty2007FarukSXSWIt was good.


Stuart Colville before we had even checked in, Paul Duncan over breakfast, Cyril DoussinGareth RushgroveTwitter


NLPthe levels of excess seen at d.Construct 07SXSW musicKeithAlex LeeYahoo! Music UK
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getting excited in the build-up to Reading, BarCampLondon, and d.Construct ’06Yahoo! EuropePub Standards, launch a new designsecond BarCampbest, brightest, and most influentialSxSW07 is just around the corner, @mediaReadingOutward Bound ‘adventure’
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Posted by Steve over lunch on Thursday the 10th of August, 2006

When I was progressing through education

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schoolcool build-up starts with Readingpulled out or simply weren’t goingdecent line-upBarCamp London and d.Construct 2006line-up for this year

What is BarCampLondon

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@media 2006

Posted by Steve mid-evening on Wednesday the 14th of June, 2006

Day 1

09:00: Keynote Presentation (Eric Meyer)

10:45: Good Design vs. Great Design (Jon Hicks, Cameron Moll, and Veerle Pieters) or Using DOM Scripting to Plug the Holes in CSS (Jeremy Keith)

12:00: IE: 7 and Beyond (Chris Wilson) or Fine Typography on the Web (Dave Shea)

14:00: The New Accessibility Guidelines: WCAG 2.0 (Andy Clarke, Patrick Lauke, Gez Lemon, and Ian Lloyd) or Bug Hunting (Andy Budd)

15:30: Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps (Jeffrey Veen)

Day 2

09:00: Bulletproof Web Design (Dan Cederholm)

10:30: DOM Scripting: The Next Level (Cameron Adams, Peter-Paul Koch, Stuart Langridge, Dan Webb, and Simon Willison) or Beyond a Code Audit (Robin Christopherson)

11:45: Mobile Web Design (Cameron Moll) or Internationalisation: Awakening The Sleeping Giant (Molly E. Holzschlag)

13:45: Strategic CSS Management (Rachel Andrew, Andy Budd, Roger Johansson, and Dave Shea) or Yahoo! vs. Yahoo! (Nate Koechley)

15:00: The Fine Art of Web Design (Andy Clarke) or Microformats: Evolving the Web (Tantek Çelik)

16:30: ‘Hot Topics’ Panel

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Posted by Steve mid-evening on Tuesday the 7th of March, 2006

Apparently it’s nearly time for Fatty and me to make our way to SXSWi ’06some ungodly hourContinental to Austin, via Houston.

As Fatty mentionedSiteSuckerSXSWfiddling with some shiny balls with the likes of The MollyFaruk (our team captain), Da Keith (a team–mate), and many, many moreabout page

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Carson Workshops Summit

Posted by Steve mid-evening on Monday the 28th of November, 2005

The Boy WonderBen and I will be attending the Carson Workshops Summit on the 8th of February, 2006, with The JokerFatty in tow.

Rumour has it that Jeremy, Andy, Richard, and The JonMister Mint, a Signal, and someone predictable

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All booked up for SXSWi

Posted by Steve in the early afternoon on Sunday the 23rd of October, 2005

Radisson Hotel, Austin, Texas So that’s it – Fattysxsw interactivepmamRadisson; I know everyone says that the Hampton Inn Downtown

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