Posted by Steve mid-evening on Wednesday the 19th of October, 2005

nascentguruism was initially designed in about eight hours in Adobe Photoshop, before moving to a combination of TextPad on Windows and TextWrangler on Mac OS (along with a slew of different browsers), and finally being ported into WordPress.

As simple as it sounds, this process started on the 7th of January, 2005, and finished sometime around the 10th of October in the same year. Yes, that’s 10 months and 3 days.

More details will be added here as I get the time. Who knows: this page may even expand to become a series of pages or articles.

The name

‘nascentguruism’ is a hybrid of two words:

In short, the site’s name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that, regardless of how much I try to master anything, I always find more to learn. (This is a good thing)

nascentguruism should always be written as one word, and with no capitals because I think they spoil the look of the word. If you don’t follow the standard I set for how the name should be written, I may hunt you down and kill you in the night. Or not – only time will tell, at this point.


The site is coded with web standards (xhtml and css), and has, for the most part, content and style kept distinctly seperate (with a few choice omissions).


A very slightly modified version of WordPress drives nascentguruism, with a smattering of plugins, both home grown and off the shelf.


In the future, closer attention will be paid to making the site more accessible for users with special needs; the current design does scale quite nicely, though: press Ctrl and + (Cmd and + for Mac users) on your keyboard at the same time to scale it up, Ctrl and - (Cmd again, Mac users) to scale it back down. Give it a try, it won’t do any harm (you can always scale back down, if you don’t like it, after all!).


nascentguruism uses (assuming you have them installed on your machine) two typefaces for all its text: Microsoft’s Georgia (a font which pretty much every Windows or Mac user should have) and Agfa Monotype’s Lucida Grande (for Mac users) or Microsoft’s Verdana (for those users with no sans-serif version of Lucida, be it Grande or Sans).

If there were a common, web-safe sans-serif with text figures (numbers with descenders – that’s typography speak for ‘bits that hang under the baseline’), I’d have used that. But there isn’t. So I didn’t. If anyone knows of one (web-safe or otherwise) please let me know.


As of it’s launch, nascentguruism is hosted by the stunning DreamHost, whose services and pricing are incredible. I can’t recommend them enough.