Posted by Steve mid-evening on Wednesday the 19th of October, 2005

The author

Steve Marshall has always wanted to be a mighty pirate, swashbuckling his way around the Spanish Main. If he ever grows up, that’s what he’ll be. Until then, he works as a code-monkey and visionary or naysayer, as the need arises, for Expedia Affiliate Network. Steve has worked on travel commerce systems, global TV listings sites, brochureware, military standards-management tools, sites for burgeoning rock bands, award-winning intranet portals, and a whole host of things between.

When he’s not working or complaining on Twitter (under the ever-so-elusive pseudonym @SteveMarshall), he can be found listening to far more music (live and otherwise) than is probably healthy, playing videogames, taking more photos than he has time to process, or going very fast round corners in his car. One day, he might blog on again. One day.


If you feel the need to contact me, mail me at journal (at) nascentguruism dot com.